Our Services

Also, our emphasis will be on the following:

  • Minimal disruption to services within your company to ensure productivity during implementation.
  • Elimination of any upfront material costs for your package.
  • Optimization of your software and infrastructure post-implementation.
  • Better productivity through cloud integration and redevelopment of your Cloud.
  • Enhanced Organizational experience for users, resulting in much more customers transformed into clients and more.


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Architectural Services

Your cloud infrastructure and strategies are the foundations of your business's availability and sustainability. Our System Architects and Automation services can assist you in determining the best cloud infrastructure, available zones, failover techniques, and automation technologies to fulfill the ever-changing global system requirements for the Cloud.

An exceptional Cloud architecture guarantees that your company has regular access to its data & apps, anywhere in the world. The intense interaction between all these essential aspects: middleware, software components, applications, cloud infrastructure, and on-premises resources, drives the resolution of complicated business operations.

Our team of professionals are ready to assist you in accessing a flexible network on-demand, all while offering and sustaining enhanced network privacy and security. We can offer you in-house and Cloud implementation for Microsoft Dynamics 365, and provide integrations with other systems.

Our approach is centered on providing more secure services while keeping cloud scaling, dependability, end-user satisfaction, instant ROI, reduced costs, and enhanced efficiency as our prime focus. We aim to newly define your business and help it stand out from the herd. It's time to completely renew your work mode and digitalize your company like never before. We have helped many businesses make a seamless shift toward digital operations. Being the best in the field, our experts have ample experience in how they can benefit various businesses to make that shift.

Project Consultation

Rethink your approach to strategies for your projects with Newdefines. Whether digital or physical, your project will require consultancy services from experts in the field, which is where we step in. Our consultancy teams are prepared to discuss the development of unique software architecture or to assess an old one, providing you with the most flexible, customizable, and adaptive services suited for various platforms.

Are you wondering “What is Project Consulting?”. Let us help you out – Project Consulting is a popular service for businesses who want to build robust cloud architecture or enhance their current cloud infrastructure to adapt to a new mode of work. Newdefines builds practical cloud-native applications and cloud-based data warehouses and migrates old systems to the Cloud. .

We can assist you in selecting and implementing suitable languages, structures, and architecture for your project. The Newdefines consultancy involves everything from evaluation to development, assessment, and evolution.

Our Consultation Includes:

  • Cloud adoption strategy for IT architecture transition, cloud-native application development, and cloud data warehousing creation.
  • Evaluation of the viability of your cloud activities.
  • Development solutions and design of cloud services, data warehouses, IT architecture, and CI/CD pipelines.
  • Implementation plans of Cloud and hybrid infrastructures, as well as software testing.


We also provide Consultations to assist in comprehending the advantages and difficulties of cloud migration or cloud-native programming, defining the abilities and training sessions needed for project execution, and selecting the appropriate cloud services.

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Here is what you are in for with our Application Development Services:

  • PowerApps ensure seamless integration with the rest of the system, enabling you to take full advantage of cloud apps.
  • They offer cross-platform compatibility, making them accessible from all your devices, including laptops, tablets, iPads, phones, etc.
  • Data management is now easier than ever and is protected by world-class security.
  • Generate unique insights into your data and create accurate reports for your projects.
  • Having several connectors, Power Apps offer seamless integration for your team.


Application Development

Even though Microsoft's low-code requirements for Application development have increased accessibility and custom design software, you may not always have the time and expertise to get the job done. That is where we step in to help you out. Our experts help businesses solve technical and structural issues and enable them to achieve their goals. PowerApps allow businesses to be proficient and drive their infrastructure toward the future. Simply put, creating apps that match your business infrastructure and operations helps your company stand out.

Before organizations could adapt to new technological advancements, they have always compromised on technical limitations. Luckily, PowerApps provides them with just the solution they need. These apps can be custom-made and tailored to your business needs. Furthermore, their seamless integration into the Microsoft ecosystem has helped businesses adapt to these changes quickly!

These tailored applications help ensure that all your data is highly protected and can be accessed across your organization. This helps streamline your operations and brings it all under one roof. So no matter how many cities your operations may span in, with PowerApps, it's all a click away. It is time to redefine your business with low-code apps and hop on the latest trends in technology.

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Even though Microsoft's low-code requirements for Application development have increased accessibility and custom design software, you may not always have the time and expertise to get the job done. That is As cloud adoption grows, many IT departments wonder how they might become cloud-native companies. They recognize that they cannot rely on each individual to seek information independently, nor can they tolerate inconsistent competence across the firm. Hence, they commit to building a disciplined method to ensure their personnel is cloud-ready.

Unfortunately, far too many businesses discover that their attempts fall short. Despite spending time and money on staff training, the firm does not achieve a minimum threshold of cloud knowledge to make the shift. Luckily for you, you know about it. With the vision to bridge the gap between IT and businesses worldwide, Newdefines is set out to train enterprises as they shift toward the digital world.

With most companies opting for Power apps and other cloud services, we understand that it has become vital for all companies to make this shift. Our team of experts offers in-depth training services to you and your employees as you make this shift.

Cloud technology is in high demand today, with practically every company making the switch. Educating your personnel and preparing them for a seamless transition to the Cloud is critical. Our training will assist your staff in understanding the various aspects of the Cloud and advancing their careers in this industry. With a specialized curriculum to develop their skills, immediate application in the field, and growth assessments to help them learn – our training program polishes their skills to the core.

Cloud computing's massive revolution in IT will continue for the foreseeable future. Innovative companies recognize that the best resource for addressing the need for creativity and innovative business solutions is smart, skilled workers with ample cloud knowledge. Are you one of those companies?

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