About Us


Here at Newdefines, we aim to help you digitize your company. Enterprise IT can be a lost opportunity for most businesses due to a lack of awareness and resources. On the other hand, companies that can implement these services fail to do so due to a lack of professional personnel. Newdefines was established in 2022 to help companies achieve their digitization goals and vision.

The company is based in Montreal, Canada, and has managed over X projects in the past X years.
We deal with Power Platform previously known as CRM Dynamics 365. We also work with Power Pages previously known as Dynamics Portal. We also work with third party integrations within CRM Dynamics.

Business Analysis

Message From Our CEO

Hello, I am Shabeer Sher, [founder and CEO] of Newdefines.

Simply put, coding is my childhood passion. I was employed full-time as a Microsoft CRM Developer, and worked on implementing practical solutions for Public Health Canada to aid in the battle against COVID-19.

Before starting Newdefines, I worked as a CRM consultant at Avanade and Sliq Media Technologies. I created a full-scale CRM system to eliminate data duplication and centralize all business data by cooperating with different teams. This led to my positions at XRM Vision and ICAO, where I refined my CRM development skills while working on many projects at the same time.

Personally, I thrive in organizations that are rapidly growing and inventive. I am enthusiastic about technology and creating long-term solutions for my clients. I have excellent analytical capabilities and can quickly bridge the gap between business and technological aspects, which are supported by good programming abilities.

Our Aims

Today, we've expanded our skills across various Microsoft technologies and products, building on our solid CRM foundation. Although technology has evolved since we began, our objective has not. We aim to provide strategic value to every company using the most remarkable technologies from Microsoft.