Company: Avanade Canada

Project: COVID-19 solution for Public Health Canada

At Avanade Canada, I was part of the team that developed a cutting-edge solution for Public Health Canada in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our solution effectively maintained and updated information about travellers entering Canadian borders, ensuring seamless management of the quarantine system through Power Platform. Implementing this solution greatly assisted border agents in their daily operations, allowing them to implement government-mandated quarantine rules and process travellers efficiently.

Company: International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)

Project: Event Registration management system using Power Platform

At the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), I designed and implemented an innovative event registration management system using Power Platform. As the lead developer, I utilized CRM Dynamics 365 (on-premise) to create a solution that effectively managed both presenters and attendees for the 40th Assembly of ICAO. The system included a user-friendly front-end for attendees to register for events and a back-end management system for administrators to manage room capacity and attendee information. Utilizing Power Platform, the system allowed event coordinators to easily schedule and manage events, ensuring a seamless experience for all participants.

Company: Desjardins

Project: Lead Technical Architect

As the lead technical architect at Desjardins, I played a crucial role in developing a complaint case management system. I managed a team of five developers, designated tasks, and prioritized sprints to meet delivery deadlines. My part included unblocking developers during their day-to-day operations and developing various Power Platform CRM Dynamics components using .Net Framework, JavaScript, CRM Customizations, Modules, Web Extensions, ODATA, JSON, and PCF development.

In addition, I provided support to project analysts both in the planning and delivery phases, and developed unit tests for various plugins and custom workflows. My technical expertise and leadership skills helped to ensure the success of the project, delivering a robust and efficient case management system for Desjardins.

Company: Sliq Media Technologies

Project: Implementation of CRM Dynamics

At Sliq Media Technologies, I served as a CRM consultant, working to implement a comprehensive CRM system that aligned with the company's business model. My responsibilities included leading meetings with the sales and marketing teams to gather stakeholder requirements, taking charge of technical aspects for the sales team, and leading the company-wide migration from Exchange to POP-3. I designed a robust backup system using PowerShell, Microsoft SQL Server, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS3 technologies, providing training and support to end-users to ensure a seamless transition.

Additionally, I was responsible for planning and executing data migration and delivering training on new technologies. I configured and administered Dynamics 365 for the organization, managed web development, and ensured the ongoing maintenance of CRM Dynamics. I also integrated the ASP.Net website with Dynamics 365 to provide transparent reporting to stakeholders and designed workflows using the .Net framework to increase efficiency for the Sales department.

Company: Global Affaires Canada

Project: Independent Contractor

As an independent contractor for Global Affaires Canada, I served as a CRM Solution Developer and Planner. My key contributions included designing a comprehensive security model for managing multiple divisions within CRM Dynamics, integrating with Azure Active Directory to streamline the management of users within CRM Dynamics, and developing Power Automate to effectively manage the ownership of multiple records and security roles. These efforts helped to enhance the overall security and efficiency of the CRM system, enabling the organization to effectively manage their operations.

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